The world without Mathematics is impossible to exist. A very quintessential subject in our daily lives, yet the most misunderstood subject too! Math is supposedly the most complicated and feared subject in the world and according to a data, apparently 76% of students find Math hard to comprehend and they develop a dislike towards it if they don’t find a firm footing in their early years. Math – if taught with engaging and interesting methods, can be the most delightful and logical subject that students can come across!

Numbers is something that we come across in our daily life and not just in school. There are instances such as buying provisions or working out a trivial payment, in which using a calculator can be quite a task. Research has shown that to keep our mind agile and sharp, it is essential for us to involve ourselves in activities that pushes the mind skill.

Students who are fascinated with mental math and use it to give quick responses, enhance their left hemisphere of the brain, which is the academic and logical side. Our brain is simply a muscle and it is vital for us to keep it active and healthy like the rest of our body and in order to do so, we must exercise it. The exercises concerning the brain can be passive and mental or active and physical. These exercises that help in brain-building can also be polished by stimulating one hemisphere of the brain.

The ability to solve complicated problems, be it mathematical or general, is enhanced when the left side of the brain is triggered. Neuroplasticity, which is the brain’s ability to learn things by forming neural connections, is also increased if we involve ourselves in more math exercises.

With this understanding in mind, we have initiated a campaign to make math intriguing and interesting for students from lower primary to high school to inculcate the skills which otherwise seem impossible to attain. During this campaign, we have come to a conclusion that students today need a more refined form of math that can be taught conceptually and designed in such a way that it keeps students actively engaged.