These days, it is becoming really hard to predict the future of life-changing factors such as politics or marketing finance, leave alone education. Every parent wants his/her child to be the best in class (even though, being a genius would be more convenient).

To achieve this dream of raising an outstanding child, parents go to many lengths and take some serious hardcore measures. With this new generation of extra competitive, extra enthusiastic (and almost extraterrestrial) children, I believe there are going to be even better developments in education, come the next century. Some of these possible events listed below may just blow your minds. But then, it is absolutely fine, if you’ve already thought of them, wishing your kids could use them even now.

1. What If My Yawn Turns My Tablet Off? Tablet Notepads That Detect Moods: You must have seen advertisements about mobile phones, laptops or tablets that are sleep sensitive (automatically shut down or become blank when they sense the user is sleeping). How convenient would it be if tablet notepads used by your child could just shut down when they sense that he/she isn’t paying attention, or isn’t really in the mood to study? The teacher could easily pick them up, without even having 35 years of experience in noticing drifting students. On a more positive note, it could help you monitor your kid and make sure that he/she gets no minute of respite from your continuous cajoling to pay attention.

2. Plug-And-Play Brain Add-On: Extensions are in style right now, starting from hair extensions to extended false nails. It is almost as if the age of extensions were coming on us. Imagine how amazing it would feel to have brain extensions at your beck and call.

It would be especially useful during your children’s examinations, right? The plug-and-play brain add-ons would just let your child memorize more and even retain it with almost photographic memory. That’s sure to get up their scores, without much effort at parenting from your side or teaching from the educators. Easier than having children understand and learn the material in their own time and according to their own intelligence.

3. Virtual Class Assessments: Computer games and virtual gaming championships are addictive in nature. What if you had a way to get a virtual education for your child? It would keep the children from dozing off and also keep interest levels piqued! Virtual games could be used not only to test eye-hand co-ordination of individual students but also, their decision-making capacity and speed, finger dexterity and intellectual and artistic bend of mind. It would be a novel method of taking assessments, but it would altogether revolutionize the education sector. Which kid would not want to pass with flying colors without having to go through mundane assessments! Cool, isn’t it?

4. Telepathic Teaching Aids: Wouldn’t it be convenient for the teachers to know exactly what the student is thinking, even as they are doing so? Sounds intriguing, right? (Or creepy!) Some students catch things faster, while others lag behind. Now a telepathic aid for a teacher would help her distinguish such struggling students and focus on them. Isn’t that in everybody’s best interests? (Though, it wouldn’t be so much fun for the struggling students.) Telepathic teaching aids could be the deciding factor for the teaching methods used in class, as the educator will now be able to understand what makes the students tick, or what way of study is more appealing for them.

5. Let’s Have Breakfast on Earth and Dinner on Mars: Inter-Planetary Trips Even though with the current education system, students get to go on cultural and educational trips from time to time, inter-planetary trips would get a far better response, in my opinion. It would just make Martian life easier to understand. Not only would the moon become an intriguing prospect of study, but the distance between the earth and the moon and the planets could also be measured by the students on their gadgets even as they move from one to the other! Seeing the planets in their own environment and observing them would throw an entirely different light on this area of study. Of course, it would be a novel experience for the kids, but also, there would be scope for more research with many creative young minds on board.

6. Experience the Smartness in a 3-D or probably a 4-D way! You have got to accept that three dimensional, or even maybe four-dimensional smart classes, would be much more fun than the two-dimensional ones that are gaining so much popularity in educational institutions these days. These smart classes would actually bring out the essence of the subjects being taught, without the teachers or the students ever even having to step out of the four walls of the classroom.

Leading edge communication headsets could facilitate such activity. Here, the students would be able to face and even understand items by viewing emails and PowerPoint presentations reducing the time for learning and comprehension. Performing such activities on computers and other gadgets won’t really give them the feel of all subjects in a manner the covered headsets would provide. What is important for students, teachers, and parents to understand here is, not everyone is born with the same capabilities or the same tenacity to work, or even the same passions.

Each person is different, and they need guidance to achieve goals, no matter what they are. Education is always going to be important for human beings, be it now or even a hundred years from now. With time, science, as well as, technology will advance, bringing out more creative and innovative gadgets and applications by the minute. The education sector is bound to change with leaps into the future. Some of these may be fun, while others are more active in making education an extraordinary fulfilling experience.